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  20TH 2020

Click on the pictures below for detailed descriptions and costings. You can also choose categories of products you most wish to view by selecting the categories below.

The prices on random weight products are listed per kg. Once you select the item the kilo rate will make up a deposit on that product we will then weigh each item to come to a final price and bill you the balance. Just like having your product weighed at a cash register. 

If you have an oustanding balance due to random weight items, you can choose to pay it through paypal or Cash On Delivery

We will contact you with the outstanding amounts prior to delivery so you can choose your final payment method.

Delivery will not be made if cash is not ready at the delivery point, or your paypal payment has not been received.

All other items are charged by the pack as listed on the product label. Its as easy as 1, 2, 3

1   Click on the item you wish to view.

2   Read the description, check the price, then add it to your cart by clicking on the cart button.

3   Go back to the store and keep adding products until you have finished shopping, then go to the checkout and follow instructions.

Please contact us before ordering if you are not sure of this explanation.

If you experience problems with your check out or cart function please note the items you would like to order and e-mail us at bryankaren@bigpond.com


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