BK Quality Foods 

  20TH 2020

MSA Grainfed Porterhouse (sold per strip priced per kg)


Grain Fed MSA Striploin /Porterhouse (Sold per strip priced per kg)

$27.95 per kg

Produced from Australian Cattle to Australian Meat Standards. Delivers a guaranteed tender, full of flavour steak. Just as nature intended.

Each Striploin is approximately 5kg and priced $27.95 per kg expect to pay approximately $140.00 for one Striploin.

Cut at 200gm each steak "Unbelieveable"

Pay for the first kg up front then when we have the total weight of the Scotch Fillet we will send you an invoice for the amount owing.

They are vacuum packed at the time of processing sealing in the natural juices and flavour. These fillets are aged in the bag for a minimum of 21 days guaranteeing you a moist tender flavoursome experience.

 All you need to do is slice through the fillet to your desired thickness and trim the fat cap to your own liking. Best prepared with some fat cap intact to deliver extra juice and flavour when cooking.


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