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Fresh South Australian Herring Fillets (500gm Pack)

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Just about everyone from adult to children who has ever fished off a local jetty has had the pleasure and excitement of catching their first "Tommy"

Amongst the amateur fishermen the Tommy Ruff is considered Small and fiddly, difficult to fillet properly and have a reputation for being a bit boney.

You can rest assured that our professional fish filleters have taken care of all the work for you and produced a beautiful delicate boneless fish. 

This oily fish has a stronger flavour than your plain white fillet of flathead for example but has a great flavour. It lends very well to being floured and pan fried and can handle more robust flavours of Tomato, Olive, Capsicum, Onion or simply flour fry and add salt & Pepper.

Great for smoking in a hot box like a traditional Smoked Herring, these are one of my favourte fish.

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