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Fresh Northern Territory Barramundi Fillets (Random Weight Sold per kg)


Native to Northern Australia the Barramundi is a champion angling fish. Prized for its fighting ability and aerial acrobats. Barramundi is also just as famous for great eating.

Unfortunately most of you would probably have never tried Fresh Australian Barramundi as most restaurants and hotels purchase imported frozen products. There are a few quality establishments that do purchase fresh. 

You have never tried Barramundi until you try this soft moist chunky fillet. Delivered with the skin on it is perfect for portioning and cooking in the pan for a crispy skin fish dish.

On ordering you pay for the exact kg measure. We need to weigh each order as it is impossible to get exactly the spot on weight with this fish. If the fillets weigh 1.1kg or 1.2kg etc we will get back to you with the outstanding amount that you can pay Cash on delivery or through a pay pal invoice. 

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