BK Quality Foods 

  20TH 2020

New Zealand Half Shell Mussels (1kg Pack)


The Greenlip Mussel is one of New Zealand’s unique treasures. It is one of the great seafoods, high in omega 3 with an international reputation for taste and quality.

Greenlip Mussels in the half shell have a stunning emerald green plate presence. They are an efficient option for any foodservice operator, as well as a gourmet option for the discerning chef. Organically farmed in New Zealand and subject to stringent requirements, Greenlip Mussels are tested to standards set by the US FDA, EU and NZ Food safety authority. This level of testing and our sustainable aquaculture practices make Greenlip Mussel one of the top two ‘eco friendly seafoods’ in the world.

With 2 1/2 doz Mussels per box these are fantastic value. 

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