BK Quality Foods 

  20TH 2020

Bug Tails (1kg Bag)


Uncooked Bug Tails in the shell. Individually frozen in a 1kg bag.

These are a real delicacy.

  • After thawing, turn the shell upside down and with a sharp pair of scissors cut along the edge of the undercarriage to expose the flesh.
  • Remove the undercarriage and loosen the meat but leave it in the shell.
  • Make a mixture of butter, fresh torn basil and grand marnier.  
  • Brush the meat with some of the mixture and grill the tails on the char grill side of your bbq meat side down for a minute of two, just to get some colour on the meat.
  • Turn the bug tails over shell side down, with the meat facing up and place a nob of the butter mix on top of each one.
  • It will melt into the shell as the tail cooks. Try and keep as much of the sauce in the shell as possible.  
  • Once cooked let cool slightly then serve warm with the juice.


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