BK Quality Foods 

  20TH 2020

Atlantic Salmon Steaks 180 to 200gm (sold per piece) FROZEN

$5.95 $6.00

Everybody's favourite Atlantic Salmon.

  • Portioned with the skin on
  • Every portion is centre cut and perfect.
  • No thin tail pieces.
  • All Belly removed so you do not have to deal with straggly pieces and belly membrane.
  • Every portion is graded from 180 to 200gm so you do not have judge who gets what piece, they are all exactly the same.

Perfect for pan frying untill you get that skin nice and crispy.Try with Masterfoods Tuscan Season or get more adventurous and make your own lemon dill beurre blanc.

Remember to cook Atlantic Salmon so it is nice and pink in the middle.

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