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  1. Why is Meat Vacuum PAcked?

    Vacuum packaging assists in the preservation of meat and improves tenderness as proteins begin to break down – known as the "ageing" process. 

    Shelf life for vacuum packed beef and lamb

    Stored at 1C

    Beef has a life of up to 16 weeks.

    Lamb has a life of up to 10 weeks.


    Vacuum packed meat appears darker due to the removal of oxygen but the meat will “bloom” to its natural bright red colour soon after you open the pack.


    You may detect an odour upon opening the pack. Rest the meat in the open for a few minutes and the smell will dissipate.

    Handling your vacuum packed beef/lamb

    Suggestion: Put meat in freezer for an hour before slicing to allow meat to firm.

    Once the vacuum seal in broken, treat it like any other fresh meat.Use a handfull of paper towel to wipe any excess blood from the meat before slicing. This makes it a bit cleaner to handle.

    We suggest you wrap your steaks after slicing and put them in a zip lock bag or lunch bag with as much air squeezed out as possible and freeze. Defrost your frozen steaks in the fridge overnight on a plate or in a bowl to catch and drips.



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