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       BK Quality Foods 

Why Us?

We have over 30 years experience supplying chefs all over the country. One of us even is one!

We provide the same products to you that we have been delivering to top restaurants for decades.

We are yet to find a home delivery food service company that even comes close to us in price for like quality!

Believe us, we have done the research.

Brian the "B" in BK Quality Foods has been involved in foodservice for over 30 years dealing with the most demanding of all consumers "Chefs"

Karen the "K" in BK Quality Foods is an experienced Chef, Mum and Manager of both kitchen and home budget.

We are both foodies and have dedicated our professional lives to sourcing and cooking with the finest possible fresh produce in Australia. We have been supplying top chefs and restaurants all over Australia with quality produce for over 25 years.

We were inspired by our friends who have been super impressed with our food for years to make our products available to the general public. When looking further into our project we realised the Australian public and producers have been pressured and duped by the big supermarkets for too long. They sell low quality products at inflated prices, force producers into bankruptcy with their buying practices, deliberately mislead with product labelling and make billions of dollars profit along the way.

Our commitment is to always source locally first wherever we can, never haggle the producers on a fair price and always buy the best quality product we can for your money.

We deliver good honest service with a money back guarantee.

We challenge anybody to find better quality, service or price than what we offer.